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Franchise Arabia Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Israel Franchise Institute to Help Brands enter and expand across MENA

30 Nov 2018 1643 Views


Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 20 January 2021 –  Franchise Arabia Group has entered into a strategic collaboration with Israel Franchise Institute (IFI), the country’s most credible franchise consulting firm to expand its reach and support the launch of established brands into the UAE and across the Middle East North Africa region (MENA).

Last year has been challenging for many brands around the world as they grappled with personal, financial and professional stress. However, through these uncertain times it has also been inspiring to see many brands support their franchisees, adapt their business models and systems to adopt new technologies, build on their strengths and prepare for future growth – locally and abroad.

The United Arab Emirates has always been a beacon of hope and inspiration and as we prepare for the world-class Dubai Expo starting Oct 1st of this year (for 6 months) as well as the 50th anniversary of this great nation – The UAE will keep shining and inspiring people from around the world.

Founder of the Israel Franchising Institute, Steven Wolfson, shared: "This important strategic collaboration creates many new opportunities for Israeli brands to enter the United Arab Emirates, and with the help of the award-winning Franchise Arabia Group (known as the voice of franchising in the region), the brands can be exposed to the rest of MENA too".

About Franchise Arabia:

Known as the ‘The Voice of Franchising’ in the MENA region, award-winning Franchise Arabia is the 1st and most trusted portal that matches the best franchise opportunities with prospective franchisees, we are the premier destination for both franchisors & franchisees to match-make business opportunities in the Middle East North Africa region and worldwide.

We expertly assist franchisors to enter new markets and assists investors to acquire franchises for the best franchised and most recognized brands in the world. We give companies the two vital ingredients that they most need to grow:  The right platform to showcase their brand, and the opportunity to generate qualified leads.

Today, with over 100 franchise opportunities, we have a proven track-record and a concept that has achieved and sustained growth rates at or above the expected benchmarks, during which we have gained tremendous regional & global traction.

About Israel Franchise Institute (IFI)

The Israel Franchising Institute focuses its Founder’s 35 years of experience in franchising, with an emphasis on international franchising.

IFI represents a large number of international brands in Israel and helps local brands expand abroad.

It was founded by Steven Wolfson, a South African who has worked with many international brands, including close to 10 years with Subway. As an Area Development Manager of Subway, Steven assisted the company in many ways including trouble-shooting existing markets and supporting Area Development Agents (the equivalent of International Master Franchisees), grow their territories.

Steven is passionate about Ethical Franchising and is the Chairman of the Franchise Regulation Committee of LAHAV - the Israel Chamber of Independent Organizations and Businesses, founded in 1983 to represent and promote the interests of the self-employed and small and medium businesses (SMB). Today, this sector in Israel numbers some over 450,000 independent breadwinners and entrepreneurs who employ over 1,000,000 salaried staff.

IFI was also awarded "Best Franchise Development & Education Consultancy in Israel" by the MEA Business Awards Committee for 2020.