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Southern Fried Chicken are looking to expand and share the goodness and quality through a select group of new Franchisees

08 Jan 2018 484 Views

“Real fresh chicken, prepared in a good, honest way, producing the best-tasting chicken every time.”


Having accumulated over forty seven years’ experience in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) marketplace, Southern Fried Chicken knows how to ensure that the chicken is the ‘hero’ of every dish on the menu. The quality and goodness of our chicken makes us stand-out. ‘Real fresh chicken, prepared in a good, honest way’ produces the best-tasting chicken every time.

After another great year of signing new franchisees to the brand, there is strong enthusiasm to continue expanding the list of successful franchisees by targeting destinations that are prime franchise opportunities for investors and our proven chicken brand. Southern Fried Chicken can take advantage in areas of limited saturation by other global brands, utilising our smaller store footprint in many smaller cities and towns and so increasing the potential for expansion.

To fully explore its potential, SFC has recently expanded its franchise development team; Andrew McNair is based in the U.K and covers Europe, Arabia, Africa and South America and Sumit Gupta is based in India, covering the Asiapak Region, an area of great scope and expansion for SFC.

Great tasting chicken, 100% fresh, always

Southern Fried Chicken is a UK franchise that’s finding success globally


Recent successes have seen SFC take its first footstep into the exciting Indian market with the signing of the first area master developer in Hyderabad – the first of a planned 20 within this vast country. The focus is  to establish realistically-sized areas

to facilitate rapid growth and offer the brand to ‘non veg’ Indian consumers as soon as possible. This model, which has proven so successful in India, will be rolled out across many other large countries.

The brand continues to expand across the World and in the middle of 2017 a Development Agreement was signed for Mongolia. The first store is opening in Erdinet during March 2018 and a second will be opening in the Capital, Ulaanbaatar during June 2018. China is just a step away from Mongolia and Southern Fried Chicken is just making the first tentative steps into the exciting Chinese Market. Africa is a rapidly-developing continent with a growing clientele for Southern Fried Chicken and as the economies of African countries continue to improve and grow, there is great potential for growth. Our plan is to have a presence all over Africa; Southern Fried Chicken has recently opened in South Africa within the city centre area of Cape Town and the second store is already on the drawing board. Southern Fried Chicken currently has restaurants in Senegal, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana, with interest from several other African countries.

Southern Fried Chicken has been established in Russia for nearly twenty years, being one of the first franchised brands to recognise the country’s true potential. Currently in Russia there are over 60 restaurants with plans for another 40. A further 25 are located in neighbouring CIS states. Knowing how to set up restaurants in developing countries has proved invaluable and is why SFC is seeing strong interest from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

Between Far East Asia and Africa is situated one of the Strategic Development Areas for Southern Fried Chicken, the Mena Region. The Brand has considered the region for some time and are now actively looking for a select group of Master Franchisees within the Mena Region, who can share the Freshness and Quality of our Brand across the Arab World.

Why has Southern Fried Chicken been so successful?


The attention to detail that ensures only the very best is acceptable? Using succulent real fresh chicken, marinated to give flavour the whole way through, coated in breading made from a unique blend of herbs and spices and our exclusive Lemon Pepper Flavour, pressure-fried to perfection, giving a deliciously crisp and moist product.


That seasonings and packaging are purchased through SFC ensuring uniformity worldwide? Giving the same great SFC taste across the world.


The menu that satisfies all tastes and palates? Offering five flavours ranging from mild to wild. Our extensive menu includes real fresh chicken, succulent burgers, buckets and wraps, prepared in our signature fried method or grilled to juicy perfection.


That we offer one of the most comprehensive packages in global franchising, with ongoing design, essential support, flexible local supply options and, of course, training- with nearly 47 years’ experience.

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