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ADMC is a franchise set up by a group of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who developed a unique service concept for establishing comprehensive rehabilitation centers in Africa and the Middle East. 

ADMC was founded with the vision of motivating the exchange of experience and skills between specialized physiotherapists around the world, leading to better care for patients everywhere. Today we work with an international team of specialists in the fields of medicine, nursing, logistics, finance and engineering. Moreover, ADMC provides training and services in cooperation with the KNGF “The Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy” and in accordance to their standards. ADMC Group had successfully implemented two projects to date, one in Cairo and the other in Khartoum. Further comprehensive rehabilitation centres are to be opened in South Africa, UAE and Oman in the near future.

Our healthcare franchise is multi-functional, multi-dimensional and multi-skilled. It is a combination of good medical care with an outstanding customer experience. At ADMC we serve evolving markets in our expanding global network of franchise operations. Become a partner in a brand that is rapidly making inroads into the developing field of rehabilitative health care. We offer the best in European expertise, tuned to the needs of each individual market to ensure your franchise concept is viable and consistently achieving its goals. For a royalty fee you benefit from our years of experience and you can rest assured that your franchise is under skilled management with your best interests at heart.

At ADMC we have developed our Triple T health concept for various healthcare services. Your healthcare franchise can specialise in Children’s health, Adult care and Health tourism. Each franchise will be able to provide its patients with a comprehensive treatment plan, due to our multi disciplinary approach.

ADMC offers a unique franchise opportunity. With our complete business solution you can be assured that we will provide you with all the necessities required to establish a healthcare facility equipped according to the standards of this rapidly evolving era of health and wellbeing. Your ADMC franchise will be able to benefit from our growing franchise infrastructure, latest technology and accredited training program.

Our business model has been developed in a way that it guarantees mutually constructive relationships between our franchise partners and businesses we trade with. Bringing to these markets not only profits but sustainable investments, job opportunities and development. We offer you the chance to start a sustainable business while contributing to the quality of your country’s healthcare. Start your franchise with ADMC and raise the quality standard of wellness and wellbeing in your society.

Our revenue model is based upon our Triple T concept: Trading, Training and Treatment. ADMC franchisees will receive training to apply this concept to their business model. Triple T will secure your Return on Investment. You will have many advantages as a competitor in the health care sector due to this unique concept.

Your franchise opportunity according to our revenue model:

• Trading: You can choose to acquire equipment from ADMC at a reduced price. We support medical equipment and other suppliers by using their products, and assist them in the development and manufacture of new equipment to meet the needs of the patients in the communities we serve. Equipment, accessories and consumables will be made available for you to sell in your centre. At ADMC we secured exclusivity for a wide range of these products.

• Training: Partners of ADMC are offered high quality accredited training for a set, low cost. Ongoing training will ensure that your staff and your centre complies with federal regulations and legislation.

• Treatment: The extra service you provide for patients to enhance their customer experience ensures a higher profit margin.

The ADMC franchise opportunity is unique from other healthcare concepts because it offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare and well being. Take the opportunity to implement this approach in your very own franchise. Make the unavailable services available in your society.

Our franchise health concept ensures our partners:
• A sound understanding of business practice
• Sufficient experience in this specialised field
• The ability to support this with investment capital

ADMC is looking for the following qualities in our franchise partners:
• Dedication to aligning yourself with our vision.
• True entrepreneurial spirit with a proven track record of managerial skills, (industry is not important.)
• Part of a reliable team in order to start your own franchise health concept.
• Resourceful in terms of networking in order to find investors, patients, physiotherapists, etc.
• A medical background is not necessary, experience in hospitality management would be an asset.
• The educational background of the franchise owner is not important.

Training & Support

  • Concept Training
  • CRM/ERP Training
  • Training over the business model
  • Operational Training

Start your franchise with ADMC today and raise the quality standard of wellness and wellbeing in your community by implementing the latest technology and improving expert knowledge in your own healthcare centre.

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ADMC offers a one-stop-shop for physical and mental rehabilitation using the latest methods and technology not readily available in the region. At our centers we offer a wide range of services, including physiotherapy, speech therapy, vocational therapy, daycare, psychiatric and psychological support.

  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:Netherlands
  • BUSINESS TYPE:Franchise
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