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The International Canadian Academy is a bilingual education franchise based on Canadian best practices and developed in partnership with the Canadian Public School System through  Richmond School District, which manages approximately 50 schools in British Columbia, Canada.

Canadian students are persistently among the highest achievers in international testing. For decades, Canada has been the highest ranked country of all English speaking countries, especially for the OECD's PISA.

ICA offers a complete solution for schools looking to provide an education that empowers their students to thrive in all aspects of their lives by focusing on core competencies. ICA also includes the state-of-art programs from Digital Media Academy, one of the best STEAM course providers in Silicon Valley, USA.

At the ICA franchise you’re never alone: you’ll have full access to TeacherWit, a Global Learning Community where educators from around the world can connect and share ideas, questions, resources and best practices.

The franchisee will be able to invest in their country's education market, meeting all legal requirements, helping future generations and establishing a thriving and lasting franchise business.

From Pre-K To High School

The ICA education program serves students from pre-kindergarten through high school, in a bilingual setting that follows the most effective Canadian and International practices. We offer a complete program that fosters core competencies, skills and knowledge of students as young as 1 ½ and until they graduate to pursue their learning in higher education.

Moreover, ICA has a partnership with Digital Media Academy, a recognized provider of quality STEAM programs for the digital education of our students. ICA also provides the master franchisee with relevant curriculum resources, school forms and templates, and professional learning materials to be used with their franchisees.

The master franchisee is responsible for establishing a model for developing the ICA program in new schools or converting existing ones within their territory. It will also provide full support to schools adopting the ICA program, including our Quality Assurance to ensure our high standards are met at each school.

Our franchisee

Do you believe that education changes the world?

ICA looks for new entrepreneurs or strongly established educational groups to implement new schools or convert existing ones.

No education experience or knowledge is required to be an ICA franchisee. We are looking for people committed to quality education, having a good knowledge of the local market and long term vision, managerial capability and financial resources.

The master franchisee shall focus its efforts on building relationships with their partners who will deliver the ICA program to students, ensuring our high quality standards. Thus, interpersonal relationship and sales skills are essential, as is the ability to maintain the required standard in the operation.

Initial and ongoing training and support

As an education company, training is a central part of our culture. We understand that only qualified teams will lead to excellence in the delivery of our academic program and we will fulfill our mission.

Qualified prospective master franchisees are invited to experience first-hand what makes Canadian education a global benchmark, visiting schools in our partner Richmond School District in Canada.

The ICA training program includes in-person sessions both in Canada and in the Master Franchise territory, online training (both asynchronous and synchronous) opportunities, channel of communication with private groups on TeacherWit, manuals, etc.

As responsible for prospecting local partners and later training and evaluating them, the master franchisee has a wide range of topics available for its training.

Initial training comprises immersion in the ICA culture, mapping opportunities and business strategies to develop your local network.

The master franchisee must be ready to train and support the ongoing operation of ICA schools on operational, pedagogical and professional development issues.

Count on our platform with comprehensive materials, plus the support of our dedicated team from day one.

Join International Canadian Academy

Education is undergoing a global transformation, leaving 19th century models directly for the challenges of this millennium.

Parents and guardians have already realized that the traditional school in which they studied will not lead their children to future success with the challenges that present themselves.

All around the globe, experts, international institutions like the OECD, and educators are urging schools to adapt to the changing reality of the world by focusing on core competencies, conceptual understanding and digital skills.

The stable and growing quality education market recognizes and rewards schools that empower their learners for the future.

Master franchisees are available to operate in one or more countries.

If you are interested in this incredible opportunity, please fill out the inquiry form.

The International Canadian Academy is a bilingual and forward-thinking education franchisor offering a model based on Canadian and International most effective practices developed in partnership with the Canadian Public School System through Richmond School District, which manages approximately 50 schools in British Columbia, Canada.

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