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The first and only franchise system with fresh ice cream and guarantee of success. The ice cream machine comes from Italy, the ice cream base comes from Austria / Germany.

The “La Mia Gelateria” franchise system was developed and tested in practice for 4 years in order to bring the specially produced “FRESCH ICE CREAM” and the matching fresh ice cream machines onto the market worldwide efficiently, quickly and sustainably.

The most important criteria that speak for the system:

1.  Low personnel costs

2.   Extremely good returns for everyone involved 

3.   Sustainable and organic certificate 

4.   Best fresh ice cream quality (made with fresh Alpine milk)

5.   The cleaning cycle of the fresh ice cream machines is 7 days

6.   No storage with refrigerators or freezers

7.   No chemicals, no dyes

8.   No major installation or construction costs on site 

9.   Reliable delivery of the fresh ice cream base and the fresh ice cream machines, even in very large quantities 

10.   Even with low utilization, such as rainy days or rest days, there is no loss due to unused goods. 

11.   Only a refrigerator is needed. (To store the already used base and fresh ice base needed for the day.)

12.   The production process of our fresh ice cream machines is specially tailored to the fresh ice cream base we have developed.

13.   The product change and cleaning is designed so that no ice bases are wasted. 

14.  There is no shrinkage or other waste of raw materials. 

15.   The system is designed for high daily/hourly output and is extremely flexible. 

16.   No artificial air is added and the fresh ice cream is produced using the traditional warm production” method.


The Gelato Nonno Giacomo” license system

Building a franchise system successfully is a long journey. It often takes months, if not years, for the company to establish itself on the market. Recurring income such as franchise fees only become a profit for the company when there are several franchisees. 

To make this initial phase easier, we decided to incorporate the Gelato Nonno Giacomo” license system in addition to the franchise. With this license system, you have the opportunity to regenerate sales and thus profits immediately after starting the company. The customers for this system are: hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, etc.

The FRESCH ICE CREAM” product 

Our secret is simplicity combined with freshness, naturalness and regionality. Our fresh ice cream is prepared fresh every day using the traditional warm production method. With us, the fresh ice cream is pasteurized together with the paste (flavor), which develops the taste and also gives the ice cream mixture a perfect consistency. Our fresh ice cream is free of colors and flavors. Our fresh ice cream only contains fresh ALPINE MILK, fresh CREAM and 20% sugar. (Sugar is necessary for the creamy consistency in all ice cream).

All products are prepared fresh daily using the traditional warm method. Our fresh ice cream is served/consumed immediately after production. Thanks to the short time between production and consumption, 100% freshness is guaranteed. The flavors also benefit from this as it is served at the perfect temperature between -6°C and -8°C.

The fresh ice cream machine

The fresh ice cream machine is the beginning of a new era in the world of ice cream machines. With its unique look and great functionality, the fresh ice cream machine is the result of careful design and development work. 

The latest version of the In.Co.Di.S. control system was developed in accordance with Industry 4.0” technology to enable greater interaction between people and fresh ice machines. The user is guided through each phase of the process and the remote control offers the possibility of analyzing the fresh ice machines and intervening if necessary from anywhere in the world and in real time.


Our philosophy

We combine old traditions with the latest modern technology. Selected ingredients and raw materials that are sustainably produced to ensure the future of our next generation and their health. No waste of valuable food as we learned from our parents and grandparents. 

Incorporating the old recipes and knowledge of our ancestors into our new recipes and basic products. We have combined old and new ways. 

This is the only way we were able to create a product that is unique in taste and consistency. Our top priority is to use only the best and most natural raw materials, which is always the most important thing for us. Only the freshest ice cream, produced using the traditional warm making method, brings the taste and creaminess that is unique. 

We conduct our business not only to achieve economic goals, but also to ensure that we comply with the law, that we act responsibly and take a forward-looking approach to ensure sustainability. 

We follow an environmentally friendly approach in all phases of production. From recycling to the use of ecological gases (coolants in the ice machines) and components that help save water and energy. Because we also care about the next generation. 

Interesting facts about ice cream 

Of course, taste is also crucial for the consumer. Since we only use natural ingredients of the highest quality, this automatically results in an excellent taste. When it comes to taste, a distinction must generally be made between whether the taste is created by natural ingredients or whether it is made with artificial flavors and chemical colors (which leads to an optical illusion). 

Natural ingredients are always described by most customers as very pleasant and not too dominant. With the artificial ingredients and flavors, the customer initially perceives the taste to be good, but with each subsequent spoonful they are showered with far too many and too intense flavors. The result of artificial ingredients is: rapid feeling of fullness, heartburn, unpleasant sensations on the palate, etc.

We are all increasingly paying attention to what we eat. Why not with ice cream too? 

90% of ice cream parlors” use finished or at least semi-finished products, which are largely enriched with chemicals. Long shelf life, shelf life, unnatural colors and the air impact” of up to 60% that is so highly praised by the industry are not possible without many e-substances and chemical flavors and dyes. 

Kudos to the remaining 10% who put in the effort every day to produce fresh ice cream with natural ingredients, with a lot of staff and effort and their own laboratory. Even they always have the problem when large amounts of ice cream are left over at the end of the day when the weather is bad. 

In order not to waste valuable raw materials, the ice cream is stored in storage cabinets at minus 22 degrees until the next weekend or even longer. There is no question that the quality suffers as a result.

When it comes to fresh preparation, the consumer expects: Fresh production and sale on the same day. 

The situation is even worse for ice cream parlors, ice cream sellers and systems with soft ice cream machines”. Whether self-service or with service is irrelevant. 

1. Powder (due to a high chemical content these have a shelf life of up to two years) is mixed with water or, in the best case, with UHT milk. This mixture goes into the soft ice cream machine and the ice cream is ready. This is called the cold approach. In this case, the product no longer deserves the name ice cream”. An example: Vanilla ice cream must be declared as vanilla flavored ice cream. 

2. Liquid ice cream bases pre-made by the industry (which are made to last up to 24 months using additives and chemicals) are added to the soft ice cream machine and this variant is also ice cream”. Whether cold or warm processing is unimportant for these products, as the long shelf life negates the meaning and advantage of warm processing. These ice cream bases are usually made with milk powder and vegetable fats (palm fat). 

3. Last but not least, you can only hope that the boss and the staff are well trained. The soft ice cream machine must be meticulously cleaned and disinfected every 72 hours. 

4. Ice cream base not sold within 72 hours must be discarded. At least 6 liters of ice cream base must be disposed of per soft ice cream machine (2 types) during each cleaning process, which not only leads to a large economic loss, but is also a waste on a large scale.

If the cleaning interval is not adhered to, the product exceeds the tolerance limit of the legally permitted number of germs and the customer suffers nausea and/or diarrhea. The dangerous thing about this situation is that the customer neither notices any changes in taste nor other features that indicate bacterial contamination.

La Mia Gelateria is now seeking accomplished franchise partners across the MENA region. 

If you are interested in this incredible opportunity, please fill out the inquiry form.

The first and only franchise system with fresh ice cream and guarantee of success. The ice cream machine comes from Italy, the ice cream base comes from Austria / Germany. The “La Mia Gelateria” franchise system was developed and tested in practice for 4 years in order to bring the specially produced “FRESCH ICE CREAM” and the matching fresh ice cream machines onto the market worldwide efficiently, quickly and sustainably.

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