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Mochachos Mexican Chicken Fiesta


Mochachos caters for discerning diners who enjoy good food and a healthy lifestyle and fall in the middle to upper income brackets. For the health-conscious consumer, the good news is that all our food is made fresh on order using only the finest natural ingredients.

The Brand

For over 25 years, our brand has enjoyed the patronage of South Africans nationally from all demographic and socio-economic sectors.

With over 100 locations, Mochachos franchises can now be found all around South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia and Australia. Plans are to expand in the U.A.E, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Indonesia and the UK.

Mochachos is avidly supported by the growing Muslim population in South Africa who enjoy the flavorsome, lemon & herb as well as the hot, spicy and zesty meals. Mochachos prides itself in its affiliation to SANHA (South African Halal Association) since 2004. SANHA holds a highly respected reputation amongst the Muslim community in South Africa due to its stringent HALAAL compliance regulations which are rigidly enforced on all its members. Mochachos is affiliated to FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) since 1995.

Mochachos is driven towards continuous improvement to ensure the sustainability and growth of the brand with a view to continually increase market share and brand awareness. We are steadfast in maintaining our company’s competitive edge by incessantly adopting evolved strategies and practices that will continue to serve national and international changing consumer preferences and expectations.

The Concept

Mochachos Chicken Fiesta evolved out of a need in the market for Healthy and Exotic foods. The phenomenal growth of Mochachos Chicken Fiesta stores locally and internationally has highlighted the immense popularity of Mexican foods. Mochachos supports an optimally evolved menu with a core delight in Mexican Flavored Flame Grilled Chicken combined with a special blend of dry herbs and spices, a variety of traditional Mexican dishes and an array of delectable Burgers.

The design and décor of the restaurants take advantage of the rich colors of Mexico which are blended into a warm and inviting ambience and provide customers with a “real” food experience.

Our unique meals are prepared on order ensuring that our patrons experience only the finest in quality, coupled with our generous portions, extensive menu offering and freshest ingredients.

Mochachos offers an experience and not just another take out or restaurant. Its colorful and trendy, internationally up to date "shop fit" combined with its piquant savor allows its patrons to enjoy a "feel good" experience. The design and décor of our outlets mirror the rich colors of Mexico. Momentous research, planning, analysis and development have culminated in the state- of- the- art fast food layout and ambience focused design that we enjoy today.

Our stores can be set up in various configurations and therefore a variety of different site types are suitable for our operational requirements i.e. Food Courts, Independent Retail Space as well as Standalone Drive Thru structures. The required size of premises varies from as small as 60m2 to over 300m2. Mochachos is one of very few brands that can boast successful integration into all levels of the QSR market including Food Courts, Full Service Restaurants/cantinas and Drive through markets functioning as part of a shopping node or independently.

Mochachos is a household brand and dominant player in the franchise arena in Southern Africa and internationally. Mochachos is the second largest flame grilled chicken franchise in South Africa and the largest Mexican franchise in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The success that we have enjoyed for the past twenty years is testament to the quality of people we employ, the franchisees which we appoint and our intrinsic passion for the hospitality and service industry. We believe in the power of the team and thrive on the insights, skills and experiences that we draw upon from our diverse range of franchisees, employees, supply partners and customers. The opportunities for motivated, hardworking individuals to thrive within our franchise system are endless. Mochachos takes franchisee recruitment very seriously and we actively seek individuals who have:

  • A belief in the brand
  • A desire to be owner operators
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • A sound understanding of business principles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A Vision and enthusiasm for the long-term growth of their business
  • A positive attitude and good people skills
  • An extreme commitment to customer service

Mochachos has been driven towards continuous improvement to ensure the sustainability and growth of the brand with a view to continually increase market share and continually increase brand awareness. We are steadfast in maintaining our company's competitive edge by incessantly adopting evolved strategies and practices that will continue to serve national and international changing consumer preferences and expectations.

With progress and growth comes re-engineering and our Mochachos brand is no exception. Mochachos as a dynamic brand, and in line with our ongoing strategy of uplifting and enriching the brand and public familiarity in the food industry both locally and internationally, we continuously engage in the challenge of keeping the brand offering current and fresh, thus ensuring that we continuously exceed the expectation of our patrons and resulting in food outlets that stand way above our competitors. When you join Mochachos as a franchisee, you are joining an established and major player in the quick service restaurant industry. With decades of experience at your disposal, combined with our proven business model and operating systems you have a recipe for success.

Training & Support 

As a Mochachos franchisee, you will benefit from our expertise and ongoing support in the following areas:


A skilled management team is assigned to assist your business in preparing and opening your restaurant and monitoring its progress. Because consistent operations are vital to the success of Mochachos restaurants, these proven operators are responsible for ensuring every restaurant in the system meets our quality and service standards. They will also offer expertise in the development and updating of your business plans.


Our training team is focused on how to exceed customer expectations and operate according to Mochachos standards. Successful operators are committed to ensuring training is a critical component of daily restaurant operations. Training will be provided for your head of operations who will be responsible for overseeing your business. In preparation, comprehensive training will also be provided for store managers.


Once a site is selected, our engineering team will provide you with guidance in developing site layouts and equipment plans. We have a variety of contemporary store designs for various retail formats available for you to leverage in the construction of your restaurant, and will help you adapt key design elements to meet local needs. On-going assistance is offered in the areas of remodeling plans, construction consultation, kitchen equipment purchasing, utility efficiency management, and special programs as needed.


Mochachos' suppliers must meet stringent quality, value and safety standards. Our team will work with you to approve new suppliers, local product adaptations and provide on-going monitoring of selected suppliers.


Our team will help you select restaurant equipment designed to efficiently run and manage your growing business providing tools to help manage labor costs, track food inventory and analyze sales information by day part.


If you are serious about setting up a quality franchise business, then we want to hear from you. We are ready and waiting to hear from potential franchisees in MENA & beyond seeking a real business opportunity.


Mochachos is now expanding regionally & internationally and has identified the MENA region as the priority market for immediate development. Mochachos is looking for qualified & capable Master Franchisees to develop the brand in the MENA countries & beyond.

For more information, please fill out the enquiry form.

Mochachos opened its first restaurant in 1994 in Pretoria, South Africa and is renowned for its Mexican Spiced Flame-grilled Chicken, enhanced with a secret blend of dry herbs and spices, as well as a variety of perfected traditional Mexican dishes such as Fajitas, Burritos, Chimichangas and Quesadillas. Our Chicken Burgers are famous for their oversized serving and piquant flavor. Our menu flavor offering ranges from Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot, Extra Hot and Dynamite – a taste for all.

  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:South Africa
  • AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: Worldwide , Bahrain , Cyprus , Egypt , Iran , Iraq , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Palestine , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Turkey , United Arab Emirates , Yemen , GCC , North Africa , MENA , Australia & New Zealand , Asia , Americas , Africa , Europe
  • BUSINESS TYPE:Franchise
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