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Eating together is a way of life in Vietnam. You see it in the men, women and children crowded around food stalls for a quick bite during the day, or in the way a dozen relatives and friends cram around a tiny dining table built for six.
Here at Rolld, our recipes have been passed down through generations. Our food is inspired by the food of Mama Hoang and Mama Ly, Vietnamese mothers who, on top of working 18-hour days to create a better life for their family, found their joy in creating simple, honest, memorable meals. Guided (and both fortunately and unfortunately for us, quality tested) by our mums, we’re always looking to innovate and adapt to the market we’re in, whilst staying true to the essence of Vietnamese food, which is always balanced, vibrant, and unbelievably flavoursome!


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Our roots are embedded deep within the Vietnamese culture where the very fabric of our existence is based on kinship. When you become part of Rolld, you become part of our family, a link that is unbreakable. This network of family and friends makes us a very unique kind of franchise. This is the basis for our strength and our assurance for continued success.

Rolld has not only brought the concept of Vietnamese street eats to Australia but have created a business model that could be systematically replicated. In fact, we are the first to develop a successful business network model for Vietnamese food in Australia.

At every Rolld store, you will experience the very same family-made essence and fresh Vietnamese street food taste with a twist for the Australian market. With over 50 stores, we are the largest Vietnamese food franchise business in Australia.

We’re not the only ones who think we’re doing a good job. At the 2015 QSR Awards and Conference, Rolld Australia received the Multi Site Restaurant Award – backing up our win from 2014 for The Best Brand Story. And more recently, we ranked #11 on the 2015 BRW Fast Starters list.

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The Entrepreneur, the Suit and Mr. Hospitality One day an entrepreneur with a monstrous appetite for his mum’s traditional Vietnamese cooking convinced school friend and suited banker, to buy an Italian café to convert it into a Vietnamese eatery. With no hospitality experience, two items on the menu and an imminent store opening (not to mention, The Suit’s Philippines location wedding in between), the two started to panic. Introduce (literally, he and The Suit met a week prior to taking over the cafe) Mr. Hospitality and cousin, who grew up in the family business – a Vietnamese bakery – to complete the trifecta and provided some much needed hands on experience. Open day was chaotic. Anything that could go wrong went wrong. But still, the three were very proud of their organised chaos, 300-rice-paper-roll sell out in 1 ½ hours, and an unimpressive $1400 earning for the day. There was an aura of excitement and achievement in the group, with high fives all ‘round. The culture was amazing! Fast forward a few years and 50 stores later, the Rolld Vietnamese inspired street food phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down.

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