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SANISERVICE - The swiss concept of disinfection

Saniservice is the leading Indoor Air Quality specialist in the UAE. We have specialized in the cleaning and disinfection the entire AC systems from one end to the other, based on the highest standards, using only a Swiss patented, chemical free and eco-friendly sanitizer to eliminate allergens and yet innocuous to both humans and pets. Our service is availed by a wide spectrum of clients ranging from private homes, offices, nurseries, schools, hospitals, ambulances, hotels and even car cabins and the likes.

The Saniservice story

Our story started in 2009 when our founder realized how much communities were clamouring for professionally-done indoor air disinfection and decided to take action. With 10 years of technical experience, 95 staff of which over 65 are technicians, Saniservice has established the AC cleaning and disinfection standards in the region. And with over 8000 residential and corporate clients in the UAE, Saniservice has become the benchmark and the reference in the industry.


The Approach

Saniservice values people’s health and the air quality they live and work in. Therefore, we follow the Swiss cleaning standards and exclusively use eco-friendly disinfectants that are certified to the highest grade of hospital environments. Saniservice is positioned as a high-end service company due to its technical expertise, quality of service and premium products and material.

What is offered

• Established Brand name

• Recession-proof business

• Proven business formula, know-how and intellectual property

• Secured low risk return investment

• Detailed operations manual with European Standards

• Fully trained staff from our proprietary Training Institute.

• Ongoing Training, Marketing, Architectural, & Operational Support.


How we do it

From actual sales process, including lead generation and closing techniques, to understanding customer concerns, we will train you so that you can truly set yourself apart in your local market place. We will show you how to make a positive difference in the lifestyle of the communities and businesses by providing them with a service that eradicates airborne and surface-based bacteria, as well as viral and fungal infections.


Apart from residential clients, our franchisees work with a wide range of Corporate clients, ranging from offices, nurseries, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, hotels, Spa & gyms, pharmaceutical manufacturers. This breadth of target industries ensures a robust and secure customer base.

How profitable is the Franchise

The required total capital investment until running profits varies depending on your region and specific location. A Saniservice operation should start generating profit within the first 12 months and the payback period can usually be achieved within max 3.2 years depending on the initial investment

Franchise qualification

We assess each Franchisee based on their experience, their organizational and management skils, complementarity of any existing business, their capital investment availability, affinity with the health service industries, and with high quality standards as well as in-depth market knowledge.

Brand Value Proposition:

• Marketing expertise

• Best equipment & products in the industry

• Your territory is protected

• Market recognition

• Exclusive technology

Saniservice is seeking Master Franchise Partners for countries throughout the MENA region.

If you are interested in this incredible opportunity, please fill out the inquiry form.

Saniservice is a high-end AC cleaning and disinfection brand, established over a decade ago in Dubai, offering innovation with our signature luxury service experience. Saniservice is dedicated to changing the ‘Indoor Air Quality’ service industry as we know it while bringing the Swiss highest quality standards for products and services. Saniservice is all about taking charge of our indoor health and wellness without compromise by providing the best qualified technicians, chemical free disinfectant products and latest cleaning and disinfection material. Being a part of the health service industry Saniservice is a recession proof business that has grown by double digit figures every year for a decade.

  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:United Arab Emirates
  • AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: Bahrain , Egypt , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Turkey , United Arab Emirates , GCC , Asia
  • BUSINESS TYPE:Franchise
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