Iconic Canadian brand.

With over 345 cafés across Canada, Second Cup Coffee Co. is Canada’s largest specialty coffee retailer, proudly serving premium coffee and amazing opportunities since 1975. Our Vision is to be The Coffee Brand Most Passionately Committed to Quality and Innovation.

It’s got to be great. Really great.

It’s got to be great. Really great.

Our goal at Second Cup Coffee Co. is to be the best. For us, that means putting coffee at the core of the business, focusing on quality, innovation and creating an individual experience for our customers.

Commitment to quality.

Being the coffee authority, Second Cup Coffee Co. combines passion with commitment, expertise with innovation and quality.

Franchisees help their customers to discover the most life enriching coffee experiences in the world, so we go above and beyond to find the very best coffee – anywhere – for our cafes. It’s this obsession that ensures we keep bringing you the very best coffee in every cup.

Our franchisees are obsessed with quality and committed to creating authentic, hand-crafted products so that everything we serve and everything about the time spent with us is as great as it can possibly be.

Locally sourced.

Locally sourced.

Recently introduced, and soon to be rolled out nationwide, our high-quality, delicious food offerings are hand-crafted in local bakeries and feature a modern take on classic tastes.

Healthy Oatmeal and Hearty Granola Bar where customers can customize their choice with a variety of delicious toppings.



At the Slow Bar you will see us blend art and science for the ultimate cup of coffee where you can have the choice of having some of the world’s finest coffees prepared on the Steampunk or the Pour Over.

The Steampunk is a ground-breaking coffee brewing system – true theatre in motion using pressure and vacuums to produce a bigger bodied more robust cup.

Independent owners and operators.

Independent owners operators.

Together with our franchisees we ignite our customers’ passion for the ultimate coffee experience. Additionally, Second Cup Coffee Co. is committed to being a World Class Partner to our franchisees and investors.

Are you ready to bring your passion to your own Second Cup café?

Coffee first.

Coffee first.

Our customers are true coffee lovers – they expect and they get the best. That means that every day our franchisees must provide exceptional products and even better service.

Is that how you do business?

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With over 300 cafés across the Country, The Second Cup Coffee Co.™ is Canada's largest specialty coffee franchisor, proudly serving premium coffee and great opportunities since 1975. Our franchisees play a prominent role in the success of the Second Cup brand, and with our continued growth and expansion we are always actively seeking highly qualified business people to join our network.

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