Stretching studio TOPSTRETCHING®️ is a unique project that includes everything you need for physical and spiritual development, for those who live in the rhythm of a big city and appreciate the moments when you can be alone with your body and with yourself.

TOPSTRETCHING is the first & largest chain of stretching studios in the world.

This is a space where everyone can bring themselves into excellent shape, improve their emotional state, and restore peace of mind.

Our Mission:

We believe every woman can be her own hero. She can push the limits and achieve anything.

Our Goal:

To motivate and support women to be even more confident— no matter what they do. We build communities for women to stay connected with like-minded people, with a focus on body, mind, and health. That's why the TOPSTRETCHING studios are already the most popular stretching studios for women around the world.

Existing Studios:

TOPSTRETCHING is the unique stretching and functional fitness training with over 20 studios spread across six cities in the CIS, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine & U.A.E studios.

Team & Courses:

We have a team of proficiently skilled professionals as trainers, like former Russian ballet dancers, rhythmic gymnastics champions and doctors, to offer holistic training programs in six main directions – splits school, Aerostretching® (aerial stretching), TRX (suspension weight training), TOPBODY (functional and cardio), Healthy Back and Pilates.

Why Choose Us:

• Comfortable studios and special design

• Top coaches

• Health

• Intense schedule

• Ladies only studio

• TOPSTRETCHING Online Fitness App

Support Included:

• Site selection

• Construction Consulting

• Procurement

• Employee Sourcing & Training

• Operational Support

• Accounting & Audit

• Internal Support

• Ongoing Research and Development

• Overall Program Development

• Ongoing Social Media Support

Become a TOPSTRETCHING®️ Master Franchisee

We hope you are excited to take the next step to discover if you are right for the band and are ready to turn up the volume. If you are serious about setting up a solid innovative business, we want to hear from you. We are looking forward to hearing from entrepreneurs in the Middle East seeking a real business opportunity. 

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TOPSTRETCHING™ is the first and largest chain of stretching studios for women in the world. The brand was established in Russian Federation in 2002 with a vision to become the biggest fitness community for women globally. It has become a symbol of flexibility and natural aesthetic physique for women, as well as a special community that unites and empowers women. TOPSTRETCHING™ is a high-end fitness group that offers franchise with easy to set up and manage systems, providing high marginality for an investor.

  • AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: MENA , Asia , Americas , Europe
  • BUSINESS TYPE:Franchise
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