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International Canadian Academy Signs Agreement with Franchise Arabia to Expand Presence in MENA

09 Oct 2022 1587 Views




Dubai, UAE - 10 October 2022 – The International Canadian Academy (ICA) has entered into an agreement with Franchise Arabia Group to expand presence in the Middle East North Africa region (MENA).


ICA identifies MENA as one key region to offer its franchise and aims to operate through master franchisees. “Canada has been a top destination for international students for a long time. Now we are bringing Canadian education”, says Mr. Stéphane Vermeulin, Executive Manager of ICA.



To offer a global franchise, ICA works in partnership with Richmond International Education and the Richmond School District, with its 48 schools and more than 20,000 students in British Columbia. “They have great expertise in all academic areas, English Learning, global education, quality assurance, and teacher training contributing to strengthening the ICA program.”, says Mr. Vermeulin.

In this first stage, ICA is looking for qualified investors for its regional master franchises, who will develop each region by granting new franchises. “Our master franchisees and franchisees must be committed to quality education, although this background is not required.” continues Mr. Vermeulin.

Besides the academic support, the ICA franchise is structured with manuals, training, and processes to support a new franchisee venture. The onboarding and supporting procedures are structured around asynchronous and synchronous training opportunities on TeacherWit, an online community platform where teachers worldwide can share ideas and resources, ask questions, build relationships and develop projects.

“We are excited and fully committed to working together and with schools and educators to lead the worldwide shift in Education that all learners need.”, concludes Mr. Vermeulin.

Omar Alhaza’a, Founder & CEO of Franchise Arabia said, “I am confident that our partnership with ICA will prove to be prosperous and will mark a notable achievement for this amazing brand. Franchise Arabia is committed to building sustainable, long-term partnerships with global brand leaders such as ICA. We will continue to work with remarkable brands that deliver the best services to our local markets and worldwide."

Canadian Education

Canada is recognized worldwide for its remarkable quality of education, and it is the top-ranked English-speaking country on international testing, especially the OECD PISA. However, ICA schools offer the local curriculum with the most effective Canadian and International practices rather than an international school.

In addition to bilingual education, ICA offers a state-of-the-art tech curriculum from Digital Media Academy, a top STEM provider from Silicon Valley, and another company from the same group.

The ICA inquiry-based, competency-driven, and technology-wise program offers flexible pathways and a clear framework to create a unique culture of learning focusing on lifelong growth.  “Our program actively promotes and values student agency and interests, real-world challenges, inquiry, creative and critical think, meaningful integration of technology, cultural and self-awareness as well as social and environmental justice.”, added Mr. Vermeulin.

About ICA

With decades of global experience in paving the way for quality education programs, Andre Nudelman, chairman of ICA and Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford Graduate School of Education, is the former co-owner and President of Maple Bear Schools Latin America, with headquarters in Canada.

ICA is the result of this successful experience, combined with a vision to reshape education and the solid expertise of his other company, Digital Media Academy, founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley. As a brand new, yet experienced education company, ICA offers a unique education model in partnership with the Canadian Public Education System, through Richmond School District, and with Digital Media Academy, the top quality STEM program offered at DMA's Tech Camps at Stanford,  Harvard, NYU, UCLA, and other leading universities in North America.  ICA schools are also authorized to use the International Comprehensive (IC) competency-driven learning framework focusing on the lifelong growth of every learner through an inquiry-based approach.

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