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Press Release - The Entrepreneurship & Franchise Expo 2017, Kuwait

06 Jan 2017 2031 Views

Mr. Bader Al-Mubarak, CEO of Advice Group (right) and Mr. Omar Al-Haza'a, CEO of Franchise Arabia

Countdown to Kuwait’s 1st Franchise Expo

Posted by: Franchise Arabia on Saturday, January 7, 2017

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, (January 7th, 2017) – UAE’s Franchise Arabia Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Advice Group from Kuwait to host the first ever Franchise exhibition in the country’s history.

The Entrepreneurship & Franchise Expo will be held in Kuwait International Fairground on April 25th to 27th, 2017.

This highly anticipated event will bring together key delegates from around the region and from all parts of the world to share their Franchising expertise with thousands of visitors as part of a regional event.

The Expo will also showcase over 100 proven franchise opportunities across many sectors and industries to the locals as well as all the international visitors who are looking for businesses to invest in.

Apart from entrepreneurs and future business owners, the event is attracting the attention of landlords, financial institutions, and government officials from across the region, who wish to be part of this historic event.

Mr. Bader Al-Mubarak, Founder & CEO of Advice Group commented: “We are proud to host this historic first ever Franchising Expo in Kuwait, to support and develop the Franchising industry in our country and across the whole Middle East”.

“It is very exciting to see how Franchising is expanding exponentially within the region and witnessing many local brands who are embracing the franchise business model as their vehicle for growth” – commented Mr. Omar Al-Haza’a, Founder & CEO of Franchise Arabia.

Registered visitors can sign up for one-to-one meetings with franchisors with senior Brand representatives to discuss their investment and business aspirations.

For more information, please email us: or contact us at +971 55 312 5807