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10 Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Dubai

01 Jan 2023 1604 Views

By: Omar Alhaza’a – Founder & CEO of Franchise Arabia 

Dubai has taught us many great business lessons, but one lesson stands above all; Nothing is impossible! Dubai is the perfect example of turning vision into reality by working hard and smart persistently to make the impossible possible.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not an easy journey; it requires a lot of planning, effort, patience, and the willingness to take risk.   

I have been fortunate enough to live and do business in the great city of Dubai for years. The journey has left me with great business lessons that I feel privileged to have learned first-hand.

These are the 10 business lessons entrepreneurs can learn from the Dubai model.

  1. Leadership is everything. All things rise and fall on leadership. No person or business acquires success or failure by mistake; someone led them there because of it. Dubai grew from a fishing village to being city of the future because of its exceptional leadership.
  2. Build a remarkable brand. Dubai is one of the biggest brands around the globe. Make no mistake about it: a recognizable & loved brand is one of the most valuable assets you can possess. Take your skills, expertise & passion to build a remarkable brand that worth noticing and worth talking about.
  3. Strategic and Innovative thinking. Dubai has taught us that we must earn our success. Entrepreneurs must always stay on top of new developments in their fields. Creative thinking is the only business strategy you need to reach the highest ground.
  4. Create an exceptional business model. Dubai has invented itself as a magnificent business model that’s bigger & better than the rest. You cannot expect to achieve success by following the herd. The me-too approach will never cut it. Create your own herd, and then get others to join it.
  5. Surround yourself with great talent. Dubai was built by great minds with an exceptional talent to achieve. Entrepreneurs must surround themselves with talented people and give them the freedom to create, to build, then work will never fail.
  6. Be willing to take risk. Dubai is the epitome of risk taking! As an entrepreneur, you must decide between taking the route less traveled and achieving the unthinkable or sticking to your comfort zone. Being stuck in mediocrity is the biggest risk! 
  7. Dream Big, achieve big. Dubai is the city of big dreams, big plans, and big execution. Going small is easy and boring. Big goals and dreams are expected of entrepreneurs. Dreaming big gives us a constant flow of motivation and creativity.  
  8. Stay persistent. Dubai did not make it to the top spot overnight. The journey was tough and challenging like fighting an uphill battle most of the way. Persistence is an important factor in entrepreneurship. Without this key ingredient, there is no success.
  9. Adaptability and flexibility. From a fishing village to futuristic metropolis: what a remarkable transformation! Adapting to change requires flexibility. It’s a requirement in business. Because change is constant and inevitable, entrepreneurs must be flexible to succeed.
  10. Be patient but keep your eye on the ball. Living in the desert, patience is an important virtue for Bedouins. As they have done for centuries, practice patience and you will get to your destination. Impatience clouds our judgement, and it makes us lose direction. Having patience gives us clarity and it keeps us focused on the goal.