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03 Apr 2021 841 Views

By: Omar Alhaza’a – Founder & CEO of Franchise Arabia 

Why is Dubai a fertile market for franchise Brands?

Franchising across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region is expanding rapidly. 2021 is bringing back the magic of franchising to Dubai and rest of the region.

The UAE, and specifically Dubai, remains a high-profile and potentially lucrative market for regional & global Brands.

Dubai's sustainability is unique in its approach, and the Emirate continues to serve as a leading example in the region for hosting and promoting leading Brands.

The upcoming Expo 2021 will showcase Dubai as a dynamic hub – a future-focused city with cutting-edge infrastructure, where sectors like retail, hospitality, F&B, and education are thriving. The expo is expected to bring some 25 million visitors and 190 country participants this year.

Dubai, known as the “gateway to the region”, has thrived on its East-West links for many centuries and lies at the heart of the Asia, Africa, and India triangle. Historically, its geographic location has facilitated easy connections, business networking and access to trade.

The Emirate offers more opportunity than risk for Brands expanding globally. One of the attractive benefits about franchising in Dubai and rest of the region is the affluent customer base that resides here.

In the modern age, Dubai has evolved to be one of the world’s top destinations for franchise Brands. The Emirate offers many corporate advantages for franchise companies such as:

Access to 578 million people in MENA alone and many more in Asia & Europe.

A world-class financial center.

A low-tax regime.

Easy business setup.

Safe & stable Emirate.

Consumer-friendly economy.

Expanding your Brand into Dubai and rest of MENA can be potentially lucrative for your business, with a high-profile and dynamic hub, Dubai is undoubtedly the destination for anyone wanting to earn big bucks!