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Value creation is the foundation of Brand

20 May 2022 1148 Views

By: Omar Alhaza’a – Founder & CEO of Franchise Arabia 


Value creation is the foundation of Brand.

All businesses begin with it.

Successful Brands are built around continuous value creation, not by market competition.

No business can be successfully built by competing with the other guys.

You will need to implement value creation to back it up and make it last.   

If your Brand is still struggling to escape the competition trap, your business is set to fail.

If you are not entirely focused on value creation, your business is doomed to fail.

Value creation wins over competition, every single time.

If you are looking to build a sustainable business, tie it to value creation, not to competition.   

In business, the more you compete, the less you achieve.

If you still like to compete, there is only one rival to compete against: you!