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800PIZZA's ardent passion and wish to share a taste of real Italian cuisine with people in this part of the globe is indeed a huge SUCCESS. With new branches opening, 800PIZZA has proven its excellence in the food industry and has surely built a brand recognized by many as the leading name in Traditional and Authentic Italian Food.

Our Oven

The origin of the wood-fired stone oven is lost in time but leads us back to the origin of bread when the only way to bake was by means of a wood-fired oven.

The wood-fired oven provides the food with a wholesome aroma that cannot be achieved with other types of cooking; it creates a unique and wonderful flavor through the open flame of the burning wood, the intense heat it generates, and the direct contact between dough product and the stones. Note that nowadays many ovens are manufactured with a base of stones but they are powered electrically or by gas, this will accumulate heat mainly in the top of the oven (cooking the food from the top) on the other hand, thanks to the burning charcoals, a wood-fired oven will transmit a powerful heat in the stone

floor itself baking the pizza from the bottom also, that's why the bottom of our baked Pizza has dark areas (there where the dough was more in contact with the hot stone base).

Our oven has been flown in to Dubai directly from Italy where it was hand crafted.


We Offer:

  • Exclusive license to use the 800 PIZZA trademarks and trade dress in the franchised territory
  • Exclusive license to the use of the 800 PIZZA marketing and operational systems
  • Assistance in the location selection
  • Construction specifications
  • Assistance in the construction of the franchised unit
  • Supply of equipment and furniture for the franchise unit (if required & depending on locations)
  • Assistance in the pre-operational stage
  • Training to the franchisee’s staff
  • Preparation of the marketing campaign to launch the franchised unit in its territory
  • Permanent support & assistance
  • Signage and other branding elements for the decoration of the franchised unit
  • Permanent marketing assistance and support
  • Operations and Management Manuals
  • Assistance in the supply and if needed


  • Extensive training program at headquarters & on-site
  • Site selection
  • Marketing: Printed materials, Marketing strategies & Ongoing research and development
  • Pricing and promo schemes

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With 800PIZZA now being considered by many to be the finest Italian Restaurant in the UAE, you wouldn't really believe how small it was when it all started. Mr. Alessandro D'Ubaldo, the mind and soul behind 800PIZZA, had been living in Dubai since 1999, and in 2006, he started working on a PIZZERIA project due to his passion for traditional and authentic Italian food.

  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:United Arab Emirates
  • AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: Worldwide , Bahrain , Cyprus , Egypt , Iran , Iraq , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Palestine , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Turkey , United Arab Emirates , Yemen , GCC , North Africa , MENA , Australia & New Zealand , Asia , Americas , Africa , Europe
  • BUSINESS TYPE:Franchise
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