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Founded in Pienza, in 1972
Bottega Verde was founded in Italy, between Florence and Siena: in Pienza, a small Tuscan town listed by UNESCO on account of its natural,
artistic and cultural heritage.
This home to tradition, which nestles amongst hills, vineyards and wheat fields, was opened in 1972 as a small herbalist shop with a passion for artisan production and sale of Cosmetics based on natural active ingredients.


Nature comes first
Bottega Verde believes in authentic, natural beauty, where the focus is on the teachings of Nature. Harmony, balance and wellness are the starting point of every Bottega Verde product formula and the more than 300 natural active ingredients that are part of the precious heritage behind the cosmetics confirm this.


Breakthrough Scientific Leaders:
Many exclusive patents and innovative ideas have come out of the R&D Laboratory at Bottega Verde: ideas that combine the bio-responsible use of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge technologies.


Every process is controlled directly and the production plants are certified with ISO 9002 Quality Systems.  The prestigious Italian Universities of Milan and Pavia - which have been working with Bottega Verde from the very beginning - assure the quality of the products certified in their laboratories.


A simple, direct philosophy
Bottega Verde is completely quality focused: from product ideas, to their development, clinical testing, and even to details like packaging. And to keep quality consistent for our customers, everything is done in house.


The Bottega Verde Difference
Our laboratories work with our clients to not only improve our current line of products, but to create and provide products that people want. This constructive collaboration lays the foundation for the more than 100 new products we develop each year. Even with so many new products being developed, we make it our mission to make it easy to find the products that are right for you.


Quality and innovation
Values like quality and tradition have always been our strong points, while our ability to innovate enables us to offer original solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients.
Bottega Verde has a vast range of different products - a full assortment to cover every beauty care and body treatment need with more than 100 new items every year, many of which are original and without any equivalent on the marketplace.


Our product lines
Bottega Verde creates many products all of which are unique, effective and easy to apply. When you use our products, you can just close your eyes and think of Italy, with its wonderful sunshine and marvelous natural gifts.

You can choose from a variety of different treatments and find the active ingredients that best suit your beauty needs and create a full-body experience... everything from delicate perfumes to intense fragrances and exclusive face and body treatments, that leave your skin moisturized, soft and glowing. And above all, there is always a product specially tailored to suit every woman's beauty needs.


Only the best for you
Bottega Verde is now bringing its very best lines to you. These are our bestsellers - the items that have satisfied our Italian customers for years. These products have been handpicked for the foreign market, and we will be bringing new products with exclusive active ingredients every year..

Skin Care: Complete face care solutions. For every need. For any age.
Bath & Body: Sensory emotions: scented bath and body care products.
Scented Nature: Only the best that Nature has to offer. For all-round beauty.
Bv Specialties : A garden of beauty: a genuine world of fragrance.


BWA Beauty web Award 2010

Thank you for appreciating our efforts towards constant improvement. ýFor the third year running, the website has been awarded the title of Number 1 site in Italy for the TOP CONTENT Category, as part of the important Beauty Web Award 2010, in conjunction with the Italian association of cosmetic companies, UNIPRO.

Retailer of the year Italy'09:
Bottega Verde was given award for best store of the year in 2009 as part of the prestigious Awards for Retailer of the Year Italy 2009 A repeat success.
BWA Beauty web Award 2009
For the second year in a row, the website has been awarded the title of Number 1 site in Italy for the TOP CONTENT Category, as part of the important Beauty Web Award 2010, held by the Italian association of cosmetic companies, UNIPRO,. ýThis is all thanks to your loyalty.
Best Web Site award 2010
Our website also won the BEST WEB SITE award 2010, for web sites based on their perceived ability to establish a relationship between the Company and the Client, in collaboration with eBit and DEMOSKOPEA. A brand new success for Bottega Verde.
Retailer of the year Italy'08:
Bottega Verde was given award for best store of the year in 2008 as part of the prestigious Awards for Retailer of the Year Italy 2008.

BWA Beauty web Award 2008
Our website was made Italy's Number 1 website in the TOP CONTENT Category as part of the prestigious Beauty Web Award 2009, in conjunction with UNIPRO, the Italian association of cosmetics companies

Italy's No.1 today Bottega Verde was already an extremely interesting business in the early 90s: authentic, sincere and dedicated to women, but with a great deal of potential to achieve more. The Group that purchased Bottega Verde - with a good deal of business experience after years in the direct marketing sector - decided to focus on the Cosmetics sector, and with enthusiasm and intuition, it transformed Bottega Verde into a nationwide success.

  • AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: Australia & New Zealand
  • BUSINESS TYPE:Franchise
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